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December, 2012  Volume. 2 - No. 2



In Vitro Studies on Aminoglycosides Permeation and Resorption in Porcine Skin as a Model Membrane

W. A. Awad and J. Zentek

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Source, Production and Chemical Composition of Fish Meal in Pakistan

T. A. Khan , N. Khan , M. Ashraf , N. A. Qureshi , M. S. Mughal and G. Abbas

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Post-Vaccinal Observation of Lymphoid Organs in Broiler Chicks Inoculated with Hot and Mild Vaccinal Strains of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus

S. Azhar, S. Akhtarand M. A. Munir
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Prevalence of Puerperal Period Reproductive Disorders in Nili-Ravi Buffaloes of Different Parity in District Bahawalpur, Pakistan

M. S. Akhtar, L. A. Lodhi , M. M. Ayaz , A. A. Farooq, M. Hussain and Z. I. Chaudhary

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Effect of Nicotine on Reproductive Hormones in Adult Male Mice (Mus musculus)

S. Sharif, N. Fatima, T. Farasat and A. A Latif

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Comparison of Immune Responses Following the Administration of Enterotoxaemia Vaccine in Sheep and Goats

S. Naz, M. A. Ghuman, A. A. Anjum A. W. Manzoor, W. Rana and R. Akhter

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Performance and Hematological Parameters of Broilers Fed Graded Levels of A Mixture of Sun-Dried Cassava Tuber Meal, Brewers’ Dried Grain and Palm Oil as a Substitute for Maize

U. Okpanachi, A. A. Musa and K.E. Idachaba

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Effect of Dietary Calcium on the Performance of Commercial Chicken

M. Z. Talpur, M. I. Rind, A. Memon, F. N. Shar and N. A. Ujjan

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Comparative Evaluation of Fertility and Hatchability of Different Crosses of Chicken with White Leghorn for Backyard Poultry

B. H. Ahmed, F. Saleem and S. Zahid

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