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January, 2012  Volume. 2 - No.1

A Survey on Production and Marketing Patterns of Small Ruminants in Balochistan

Nasrullah, M. H. Baloch, I. B. Marghazani, A. Nawaz, A. Fatah and M. M. Suhail


A survey (n= 214) was conducted on the production and marketing patterns of small ruminants in Balochistan in 2001. Data was collected from producer, middleman, wholesaler and final seller. The average number of small ruminants per flock was 134. The breeds of sheep and goats reared were Balochi, Bibrik, Rakhshani and Khurasani, Pahari, Lehri, respectively. Average mortality rate was 25 % in sheep and 17% in goats while abortion rate was 14% in sheep and 13% in goats. A farmer on an average spent on feed, veterinary, marketing, shepherding and miscellaneous costs Pakistani Rupees (Rs.) 118, 124, 24, 383 and 55 per animal per year respectively. Average net return earned by the farmer was Rs. 247 per animal per year. Breakdown of consumer rupee showed that the share for producer, middleman, wholesaler and final seller was 66%, 20%, 8% and 6% respectively. The cost benefit ratio for producer, whole seller, middlemen and final seller was Rs. 1:1.03, 1:1.03, 1:1.09 and 1:1.02 respectively. It may be concluded that among various marketing agencies, middleman received better return in the business of small ruminants in Balochistan.

Key words: Production, marketing, small ruminants, Balochistan.