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January, 2012  Volume. 2 - No.1

Effects of Feeding Corn Stover Treated with Different Nitrogen Sources on Palatability and Dry Matter Intake in Sheep

I. Ali , J. P. Fontenot and V. G. Allen


A trial was conducted to measure the dry matter (DM) intake in sheep fed a basal and a basal plus corn (zea mays) stover treated with different nitrogen (N) sources. The diets were 1) basal, 2) basal plus untreated corn stover, 3) basal plus 3% NH -treated stover, 4) basal plus 50% poultry litter treated stover, 5) basal plus 5% urea-treated stover, and 6) basal plus 5.8% urea plus 10% cattle waste-treated stover. Thirty-six crossbred sheep were assigned, according to the initial body weight, in six blocks and randomly allotted to the diets. The animals were kept in individual pens with free access to feed and water. Dry matter intake per unit of metabolic weight was higher (p < 0.01) in sheep fed the basal diet compared to the other diets. Intake was higher (p < 0.05) for sheep fed the NH3 and the urea-treated corn stover diets compared to the untreated Stover. Intake was higher (p < 0.10) for sheep fed 3% NH3 treated corn stover, than the Urea treated stovers. In conclusion, cattle waste in diet may improve the DM intake of corn stover in sheep.

Key Words: Corn stover, NH , urea, dry matter intake, cattle waste