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December, 2012  Volume. 2 - No.2

Comparison of Immune Responses Following the Administration of Enterotoxaemia Vaccine in Sheep and Goats

S. Naz†, M. A. Ghuman†, A. A. Anjum* A. W. Manzoor†, W. Rana† and R. Akhter*

Veterinary Research Institute, Lahore, Pakistan;
*University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore


Antibody responses in sixty clinically healthy pregnant sheep and goats were compared following the administration of enterotoxaemia vaccine. The thirty animals of each species were randomly divided into three groups. Antibody titers against C. perfringens type D epsilon toxin were detected in blood samples on day 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 post vaccination. In unvaccinated control groups, S-I (sheep) and G-I (goat), no antibodies against C. perfringens epsilon toxin were observed. In the animals of groups S-II and G-II administered once with enterotoxaemia-cum-lamb dysentery vaccine, geometric means titers (GMT) were 6.5 and 2.64, respectively on day 15 post vaccination. In groups S- III and G-III administered with the same enterotoxaemia vaccine twice, GMTs were 59.7 and 12.12, respectively on day 30 post booster dose of vaccine. In conclusion, immune response of goats against enterotoxaemia vaccine was of short duration compared with the sheep indicating frequent use of vaccine for better immunity.
Key words: Enterotoxaemia, Clostridium perfringens, vaccine, sheep, goats

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